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Strategy is the single-most important component of success for an organization. The Prometheus Academy is a five day intensive seminar designed for leadership and management team members from organizations committed to developing and executing winning business and product strategies.


Seminar outline

The Academy  consists of lectures and discussions on each part of the Prometheus Process followed by group mentored breakout sessions that provide the opportunity to apply the lessons just learned to a business case study. By the end of the week-long program, participants have a working understanding of theory and practice alike. Graduates are conversant with the process, can facilitate Prometheus sessions, and can teach basic ideas. The Academy is ideal for the organization that wants its management team to understand and use a common strategy method and vocabulary. 

who should attend

CEOs, executive and senior vice presidents, executive directors, directors, senior managers, division managers, project leaders, business owners,  and those who want to prepare themselves for strategic leadership roles.

 academy curriculum

At the Academy, participants learn and apply the Prometheus Process–a unique, holistic, start-to-finish strategic planning and execution methodology.

  • Scope the Environment: How to think about an organization’s operating environments.
  • Design the Future: How to build and measure high resolution pictures of the future an organization desires and how to craft the rules of behavior that will be an integral part of realizing the Future Picture.
  • Target for Success: How to understand your organization and markets in system terms in order to find the key Centers of Gravity (the leverage points) that will provide the most return on capital and personal energy investments.
  • Campaigning to Win: How to execute strategic plans based on parallel operations concepts in order to overcome system resistance and produce the highest possible probability of success at the least possible cost.
  • Finish with Finesse: How to craft exit points and exit plans to preserve gains and minimize penalties for ventures that do not proceed as conceived.
  • Cardinal Rules: How to use a handful of strategic principles to increase the probability of success in planning and execution.
  • Open Planning: How to capitalize on the intelligence and energy of the organization’s own people to create and execute winning business and product strategies in collaborative environments and how to use a strategic vocabulary to align people at all levels of the organization.
  • Red Teaming: How to find and overcome problems and obstacles before they occur.

included materials

  • Planning Methodology
  • Winning In FastTime
  • The Guide  To Strategic Planning and Execution: Using the Prometheus Process
  • The CEO and Leader’s Handbook:  Introducing the Prometheus Process Strategic
  • Prometheus Process Academy Presentations
  • All Facilitation Templates and Laminates
  • Certificate of Completion

Prometheus Academy Agenda


Fee per person $5,950. Fee includes materials, daily breakfast and lunch, at least one dinner, snacks and refreshments.

Discounts are available for groups of three or more attendees from a single organization.

Live Prometheus Academies may be organized and conducted for a single organization on-site.