winning peer wars

We believe that good strategy is the sine qua non for success in any competitive enterprise. Since its founding, Venturist, Inc.  has concentrated on refining its Prometheus Strategy process and working almost exclusively with commercial companies to help them become more successful through strategy development. 

Now, however, geopolitical developments around the world have convinced me that I have an obligation to apply the Prometheus Strategy concepts to the geopolitical military world where Prometheus was born. Very specifically, I am more than concerned with China’s buildup, its stated goals for 2049, and its growing worldwide economic and political influence. I fear that China now poses the greatest threat to the United States that the country has faced for over 200 years—and I fear that for a variety of reasons the United States is not prepared to take appropriate counter measures. Venturist, Inc. intends to do its part to develop mostly—but not exclusively—proposals for military strategy to help prepare the country for what it needs to do.  To that end, we have started by building a video entitled “War with an Equal” which you can access at the link here. This Video is designed to be a call to action and will be followed by other videos that build a strategy based on the Prometheus methodology.

Please note that we do not believe that war is inevitable between the US and China, but that the probability is well above zero and the best way to keep war from occurring is to ready ourselves for it: If you want peace, prepare for war! 

In addition to the first video linked below, we have established a website, https:\\ where new videos and other pertinent information will appear.

A word of apology: we have many friends of Chinese origin for whom we have the greatest respect and affection. What we are doing is not directed against them, but rather against the state of China itself and its Chinese Communist Party (CCP) governance. It is my most sincere desire that what we are doing does not alienate our Chinese friends.