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By Taking This Course

You Will Learn The Importance Of Strategy

You Will Learn How To Build And Execute A Genuinely Strategic Career Plan

You Will Dramatically Improve Your Probability Of Success As You Progress In Your Career

You Will Differentiate Yourself From Your Contemporaries Because You Know And Use The Prometheus Strategy Process


What To Expect From This Course

  • Succinct videos by the Prometheus Strategy founder, John Warden, to help you learn a great strategy process proven in business around the world
  • A methodology to organize your thinking into a roadmap that will guide you for years


How to Get the Most from the Course

  • After every lesson, capture your findings with the workbook or Trello
    • And track your progress as you move forward


What You Can Do After Taking This Course

  • Be sharper and more effective in everything you do
  • Follow the strategy you created
  • Know how to navigate the challenges that lie before you



$95 Annual subscription Or

$10 Per month





The Venturist Prometheus

Strategic careerr Development Course

Many courses are available to help you with the mechanics of finding and keeping a job. These courses can be most useful, but they rarely cover the strategic side of career planning—deciding what you want your career future to be and what you need to do to get there. This program, “Supercharged Strategic Career Planning,” with its video lessons and planning material will guide you through the process of building a truly strategic career plan and will familiarize you with the Prometheus Strategy Process–a way of thinking, planning, and executing that will help you do any job better and differentiate you from your associates.

a great career starts with a strategic plan

Work Back from the Great Future You Intend to Create

  • Decide Your Objectives (Future Picture)
  • Identify What You Need to Change to Get There (Centers Of Gravity)
  • Organize and Apply Your Resources (Parallel Operations)
  • Manage Success and Failure along the Way (Exit Points and Plans)
  • Follow the Cardinal Rules of Strategy

the program 

Twenty-one short (five to ten minutes on average) video lessons in seven blocks and a  workbook that explain the Prometheus Strategy Process and guide you through it to develop a great career plan.  (To see the full course curriculum, visit [https://venturist.teachable.com/p/career-development/].

  • Career Development Overview Concepts
  • Track Your Plans and Progress
  • Building Your Future Picture
  • Scope The Environment
  • Centers of Gravity
  • Phase and Impact Planning 
  • Cardinal Rules
  • Exit Planning 

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