“Business is a continual dealing with the future . . . a continual calculation, an instinctive exercise in foresight.” – Henry R. Luce (1898 – 1967) US editor, publisher.

What Is The Prometheus Process?

Prometheus is an easy to use, start to finish strategic planning and execution process applicable to every level of an organization.

The process creates objective, actionable descriptions of the organization’s desired future with accompanying strategic measures of merit and guiding precepts.

The process employs a real-world systems approach to find critical centers of gravity within an organization and in its markets.

The process helps create and support open, flexible organizations, efficient parallel operations and orchestration of resources at every level.

The process provides for end game planning for every facet of the business.

Why should your organization employ the Prometheus Process for its strategic planning and execution requirements?
Your Leadership and Management Teams and key workforces should be trained on the Prometheus Process because:
  • Prometheus is designed for fast and dramatic success in the digital age, not the industrial age.
  • Prometheus provides a complete strategic framework—from concept to execution to termination.
  • Prometheus uses the best people in the world–your organization’s people–to build strategic plans and execution campaigns. Prometheus focuses everyone on the future.
  • Prometheus accelerates execution because many people (sometimes all) are involved in planning and are committed to success.
  • Prometheus enables people to make smart decisions because they know the strategy and because they have developed strategic measures of merit at every level.
  • Prometheus enables people to understand the differences between tactical measures and strategic measurement.
  • Prometheus focuses energy on the centers of gravity that will make a real difference.
  • Prometheus takes an organization out of the high risk serial world and puts it in the low risk parallel world where probabilities of success are high.
  • Prometheus promotes an efficient, aligned organization that works in a fast-time learning environment.
  • Prometheus allows an organization to be highly flexible within agreed strategic boundaries.
  • Prometheus helps an organization to become a learning organization capable of transmitting key information to everyone in near real time.
  • Prometheus provides the methodology and discipline to get out of projects that are not working.
  • Prometheus creates hard-to-reverse market and organization change.
  • Prometheus concentrates on creating value.