Venturist Leadership: 

John Warden:    Founder and president

 Mike Cline:  Retired Vice President.  Mike Cline served in a variety of Air Force command and staff positions, was a top    instructor at the Air Force Command and Staff College, has been with Venturist since 1996, and has instructed hundreds of business executives on the principles of strategy.

Lisa Frederiksen:  Director of Operations.  Before joining Venturist in 2005, Lisa served in a variety of management and supervisory positions with McDonald’s at the regional level and with McDonald’s franchisee operations.


Venturist experts: 

Prometheus Licensees, Associates, and Affiliates:  People who have attended the Academy and have worked on a variety of strategy programs with Venturist.  In addition to their strategy expertise, they are all subject matter experts in fields ranging from aviation to finance to marketing to management.

John Borneman, CEO & Founder The Corps Group

Jeff Wolf, President, Wolf Management Consultants, LLC

Marc Croizer, CEO CZR Groupe/CZR Strategy Consulting

Jose Miguel Moreno, CEO en Incentivos y Metas SA

Mary Davis Davis, Consulting Group, LLC

George Consolver, Consolver Consulting, LLC

Larry Weaver, Tauri Group

Venturist licensing program:  Venturist licenses its process to carefully selected and trained companies and individual consultants.  These licensees have made it possible to help many additional companies learn the Prometheus Process and to give Venturist the scale to handle assignments of any size and complexity.