John A Warden III
Venturist, Inc.
8233 Old Federal Road
Montgomery, AL 36117


Dear John,

We wanted to thank you and the entire Venturist team for the profound effect the Prometheus Process has had on our company. In January 2003, my two business partners and I participated in a Prometheus Academy at your offices in Montgomery. Upon our return we sat down and worked through our first company Future Picture. At that time, we were roughly a $500,000/year consulting company with one part-time employee. As a direct result of our Future Picture development and mapping the associated system, in February 2005, we were awarded the exclusive contract to deliver airborne training services to Canada’s military. Today we are a dynamic, fast-growing $40 Million/year aviation company providing specialized airborne services to the military customer, operating a fleet of fourteen (14) modified special mission aircraft across North America with a team of nearly 100 highly¬≠ skilled employees. Without a doubt, learning how to “make strategy our day job” and applying the Prometheus Process to our business has been the single biggest reason our company has enjoyed such tremendous growth and success in such a short period of time.


Since our first experience with the Prometheus Process we have had the privilege to work with you and Mike on many occasions, including engagement in our Grand Strategy Full Deployment Program over the last year. We now have a new, refined six (6) year Future Picture that will allow us to take our company to the next level. The Campaign Room was the core we built our new office around, the Cardinal Rules and Open Planning are now integral to our corporate culture, and the Prometheus Process is what drives our company’s actions on a daily basis. In today’s rapidly changing, fast paced business environment it is all to common for companies to pay lip service to strategy and spend most of their time in the tactical realm, executing seemingly important tasks on a daily basis without any strategic focus to guide their actions. While we believe tactical execution is important for business success, we are 100% convinced that without the existence of an overarching strategic framework like the Prometheus Process to derive, focus, and align daily tactical actions, companies will at best achieve fleeting success and, most likely, eventually be faced with catastrophic failure.


We believe our company is living proof of the success of the Prometheus Process. If can work for any organization, large or small, that has the desire and discipline to figure out where they want to go and what desired effects they need to achieve before they hit the “execute” button. On behalf of the entire Top Aces team please accept our most sincere thanks for your outstanding support over the last 4 years.


Warmest Regards,