From the winner of the Malcolm Baldrige Award in the Manufacturing Category “[The Prometheus Process is great] for a company looking to re-charge their strategic planning efforts to make break through gains and focus everybody on the few things which will completely move the system of your company forward. Through the use of the tools we have learned by using the Prometheus process for the last year, here at our company, The Bama Companies, we have a new grand strategic vision; we have teams of people working on the vital “top20” campaigns, which will take our company to the next level. By organizing to win in fast time, we will have moved our company from a fairly slow, non-rapid deployment company, to one where we move on a dime, and we are energized by change. 

  • We have had a 35% gain in our revenues
  • A 2X gain in our profits, 
  • And people are enjoying their work because they know the impact they are having on the future. 
  • Our customer relationship scores are higher than ever before and 80% of our “employee partners” are saying they will be with us 5 years from now!!! 
  • They see a very bright future.

I really believe in the Prometheus Process for “Winning in Fast Time.” Paula Marshall-Chapman, CEO, The Bama Companies