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Strategic Boost Program

Strategy--The Sine Qua Non… 
Creation and execution of good strategy is the single most important determinant of business success—and is far too important to outsource.  You are smart, you know your business better than do any outsiders, and you care passionately about success. You have everything you need for strategy development and execution—except a methodology that allows you and your colleagues to build and manage something relevant and good.
Tactics without effective Strategy…
Most executives, managers, team leaders, and team members spend a significant amount of their time thinking about and improving their tactics—their proficiency with sales calls, the effectiveness of their advertising, the productivity of their manufacturing, or the accuracy of their accounting processes.
  In most cases, chief executive officers through team members rightly believe they are being successful in their quest for tactical improvement, yet do not see the business results that they believe ought to follow.
Why Companies and Teams don’t see results…
In many, perhaps most, cases the reason why they are not seeing business results lies not in tactical failure but in strategy. After all, even world class tactics are not of much value if they are not aimed against the right strategic targets. Unfortunately, our tactical experience does not equip us very well to think through and solve strategy issues. 
But this needn’t be so…
The Strategic Boost Program is a fast moving exciting four hours or eight hours designed to give teams from board level to factory floor level an introduction to strategy that will start them thinking about their business in a different way. The program is based on the Prometheus Process, a unique approach to real strategy first used to develop the very successful air campaign in the first Gulf War and subsequently profitably employed by companies ranging in size from tens of billions in sales to pure start-ups.

The straightforward basic concept of the Prometheus Process…
Identify and affect centers of gravity (leverage points) to change the external (market) and internal (organization) systems very quickly in order to realize a high resolution picture of the desirable tomorrow you want for your enterprise while ensuring you have plans to manage unexpected events as well as successes and failures. In the planning and execution of your strategy, follow the cardinal rules of strategy at all levels of your organization and do your planning and operating in the open (Open Planning) with as many people as possible participating.
Will thinking and acting strategically guarantee success?
The answer is no—but it will dramatically improve your odds and reduce substantially your risks along the way.
What can you accomplish in the four hours or eight hours of the Strategic Boost Program?
You and your team will finish with a new understanding of the importance and concepts of strategy. You will get a glimpse into what the future of your organization ought to be and you will identify some of the centers of gravity against which you should be applying your resources to get the most out of your very real tactical capabilities.
The Strategic Boost ProgramThe Strategic Boost program is an interactive mix of presentations illustrated by a variety of geo-political and business examples, group discussions, and substantive exercises.  Do it in a large conference or training room at your company or in hotel facilities (with enough wall space for as many as a dozen flip-chart sizes working templates). 
If you are looking for a way to introduce potentially game-changing ideas to your organization and its teams, to improve the success of your groups, and to have an exciting and valuable session at your next meeting, you should seriously consider the Strategic Boost Program.
The premium Strategic Boost Program is presented by John Warden, creator of the Prometheus Process and founder of Venturist, Inc., assisted as required by an associate (or associates depending on the size of the group) skilled in the process and in facilitation.

Video:  Introduction To The Prometheus Process

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John A. Warden III   

Venturist, Inc. practices and teaches the Prometheus Process created by
John A. Warden III, co-author of Winning In FastTime.

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"John Warden has taken the inherently complex and distilled it to an actionable essence. His insights on leadership and strategy make clear the fundamentals for winning in business. John understands the leader's challenge of creating and executing winning competitive strategies in a time-sensitive environment."

--- Richard (Rich) K. Templeton, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Texas Instruments Inc.