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the Venturist®Prometheus video strategy program

Make Your Company or Department More Profitable and Effective, Start A Business, Improve Your Non-Profit, Align Your Social Group, Start or Boost A Career, Win a Promotion, Realize a Life-Long Ambition

The Secret to Success Is Good Strategy

Which Means: Learn, Think, and Act Strategically

By Taking the Venturist®Prometheus Strategy Course—

One of The World’s Most Practical and Superb Approaches to Strategy

By Taking This Course

  • You will learn the importance of strategy
  • You will learn how to create and execute great strategy
  • You will dramatically improve your probability of success and that of your organization
  • You will become familiar and comfortable with the Prometheus Strategy Process

How to Get the Most from the Course

  • After every lesson, immediately start using the ideas and vocabulary
  • If you are building an organization or group strategy, get as many people as possible to participate and watch the video lessons together.
  • Whether working as a group or as an individual, use the templates associated with each lesson to build your strategy.

What to Expect from the Course

  • Succinct videos by the Prometheus Strategy founder, John Warden, to help you learn a great strategy process proven in peace and war
  • Downloadable templates to help guide you and your group through building your own strategy as you watch the videos

What You Can Do After Taking This Course

  • Be sharper and more effective in everything you do
  • Create a strategy for your organization
  • Create a strategy for yourself

Our Goal

Our goal is to help you enhance the skills needed to apply the single most important tool for success in any endeavor—strategy

The Program

This video program will help you become more successful by helping you learn how to develop and use strategy for your company, your projects, and your personal life. The program consists of 22 basic lessons presented in one or more ten to twenty-minute videos that explain the Prometheus Strategy Process. In addition, there are How To videos associated with each section that will help you with the mechanics of strategy building. You can watch these videos just to learn the process after which you can apply it on a daily basis, or you can develop actual strategy for yourself or your organization as you progress through the program.