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Strategic Planning and Execution Services

"And all your future lies beneath your hat." - John Oldham (1653–1683), British poet.

Do you know where you want your organization to be in five years?
Do your leaders and managers share the same vision for the future?
Do you have an established, proven strategic planning and execution methodology in-place that everyone understands and can replicate?

At Venturist, Inc., our team of expert planning and execution strategists use the Prometheus Process to help your organization answer YES to every one of these questions.

We work with our clients to develop the most appropriate on-site strategic planning and execution programs to meet organizational needs and budgets.  Our FOCUS is always on two things:

  • Imparting to our clients the strategic planning and execution skills they need to practice the Prometheus Process successfully an their own to create and execute winning business and product strategies.--We Teach You The Process And Give You The Tools!
  • Helping our clients build great strategies that they understand, believe in and will execute.

We will work with your organization to meet your requirements:
  • Help you build an overall strategy that is understood and supported throughout the organization.
  • Help you create a focused strategy for a new product line, a new customer group, or a new initiative.

If you are committed to making your organization more strategic in thought and action, the Prometheus Process will meet your needs.

For more information on how Venturist, Inc., can help your organization become better at strategic planning and execution contact:

John Warden, 334.272.9800 or

Venturist, Inc. also licenses the following consulting firms to employ the Prometheus Process with their clients:

  • The Corps Group - Leaders in Business Execution
  • Consolver Consulting


Keynote Speeches

John A. Warden III, author of Winning In FastTime is available for 45-90 minute talks on all aspects of strategy and strategic leadership.